Terraform Capital fundamentally believes the evolution and maturity of the Blockchain ecosystems over the next 14 months will reveal the business vectors that will produce the next generation of tech titans for the next 50 years and beyond. Our expert team of analysts, technologists and leadership are uniquely streamlined and tuned to: Swiftly pinpoint emerging vectors and opportunities in blockchain infrastructure, Engage the top players within them, and Strategically invest in the most effective way possible.


Investor Centric Philosophy

At Terraform Capital, we pride ourselves on our Investor-Centric approach and philosophy.
  • Fund Sizes

    $25M – $500M Agile Fund Sizes

  • Co-Investment

    Exclusive access to Co-Investment Opportunities

  • Custom Research

    In-House Research Team of Top Analysts

  • Fund Creation

    Optional Fund Creation for Investments >= $25M

  • Tax Efficencies

    High Fidelity Focus on Tax Efficiencies

  • Investor Protection

    Unparalled Ability to Structure Deals to Protect Investors

Solving the Problem

Unfortunately, the potential and importance of establishing investments now has led many to make unnecessarily risky moves without adequate insights and understanding of underlying technology or team capabilities. All in all, a familiar repeat of the early dot-com craze – one that reaffirmed that core tenants of business still hold true, even when paradigms shift.

Well beyond capital, the Terraform Capital team is comprised of experienced, successful entrepreneurs that have not only established firsts in numerous industries and run public companies but have been at the forefront of blockchain innovation.

Best of Both Worlds

As the world advances beyond the Information Age and rapidly enters our new Value Age through bold advancements in Blockchain and digital currencies, the stage is set for another leap forward – but how does one participate?

Like any new space – it begins as an uninhabitable, unforgiving environment where new ideas grow, expand or die at a swift pace.  To pioneer requires a careful balance of wisdom, bravery, and tenacity.

We believe the secret in navigating a new terrain begins with understanding what is new and what is timeless. New opportunities don’t have to change fundamental principles or vehicles of investment.

As the news headlines have shown, many have jumped in with either not enough experience in technology, regulations or even running a profitable venture.

With Terraform Capital – we have excelled in each of these areas to bring a best-in-breed solution to investing in blockchain infrastructure.